Thank you for your patience and feedback while we transitioned to a new hosting environment this semester, Fall 2023.

We now have a highly available autoscaling hosting environment that will dynamically add and subtract hosting resources. This will allow us to meet demand and manage expenses. It is new so there may be some adjustments or tweaks during the Spring 2024 semester.

August to December 2023: Temporary fix during transition

We separated the Learning Apps from the main BioNetwork website to It was needed to temporarily deliver the Learning Apps during this transition. We apologize for having to move things around a bit but the Apps are now back to their original location and redirects are in place to get you back to them.

December 2023

  1. Launch new hosting environment
  2. Move the learning apps back to the main BioNetwork website
  3. Create redirects back to their original locations.


Some Apps have issues with some browsers and operating system combinations

There are still some apps that aren't working on certain browser and operating system combinations, example: Batch Documents. This will take us a little longer to correct. In this case please try another browser.


Thank you!

Thank you for using our applications and please let us know of any further issues.

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